Environmental DNA (eDNA)

Environmental DNA sampling is one of the fastest growing research methods for species detection and relative abundance estimation. Whether it is detecting invasive species or determining species diversity (metabarcoding) at a site, our lab has an excellent track record of verified, tested, and high quality results. We can handle almost any kind of sample, from scat, to raw water, filters or prepared extracts. We can design custom primers to detect your species of interest, or can sequence entire communities to help you better understand site-level diversity.

We have successfully designed primers to target over a dozen rare or imperiled species using qPCR. Our updated list of species that we have detected using qPCR is here. Of course, custom primers can be created to target and detect almost any species of interest.

We can also identify hundreds of other species of bats, fishes, mussels, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and bacteria using metabarcoding. For example, using metabarcoding on water samples from dozens of water bodies in Southern Alabama, we detected 128 species of fish, mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, and mussels. We identified species endemic to Alabama, and some not previously known from the river drainages.

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