Tangled Bank Conservation

Your Scientific Partner in Conservation

We provide start-to-finish, hands-on support for your wildlife or ecosystem conservation project. From inventory and monitoring to sample collection and cutting edge genetic analysis, Tangled Bank works with you to take your project to the next level by providing enhanced capacity and expertise.

Organizations we work with, will your organization be next?

Much More Than A Genetics Lab!

We aren't like other companies who will just run your samples. We supplement your conservation team however it’s most needed: from project planning, through data analysis, and report writing.  We will:

  • Provide project management support
  • Fly out to your project site to collect those samples for you
  • Create new primers & try new techniques/protocols
  • Do statistical data analysis & write up findings reports

Contact Us To Discuss Your Project

Have a project in mind? Discuss your project with our staff where we can determine the needs and requirements for the project.